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In 1988 an innocent young chap named David was snared by a beautiful seductress Rachel, tricked by an array of stunning Rolls Royce and Mercedes owned by her irrepressible father, Bob. By the time David realised they were Wedding cars and not the family run arounds it was too late. Washing and polishing quickly combined with the delights of chauffeuring apprehensive Brides and proud Fathers to Churches and Venues across Surrey and London.

In 1997 with David finishing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Timeless Experience was born to the now Wedded two and they began to buy Vintage vehicles together, obviously obsessed with the fragrance of Brasso, they plumped for the stunning 1926 Delaunay Belleville to join Bob’s collection of Beauford, Graham Paige, Rolls Royce and Mercedes Saloons.

Quickly after that and realising that to be ahead of the game you have to be different, the intrepid two and Bob bought the Edwardian Singletons. Hand built, 1909 in style they stood out from the crowd. To compliment the cars they designed the perfect Bridal service and christened it ‘Red Carpet’. The competition looked on and shook their heads wondering why they went to so much trouble, all that looking after, time and effort, surly they were crazy. But with effort and time comes rewards and happiness. Being unique was what they wanted.

Their next arrival was somewhat smaller, pink and blond haired with a beautiful grin and enchanting giggle. To celebrate this arrival hands dug deep in to pockets and the 1930 Badsworth nicknamed ‘Jordy’ after the bundle of joy joined the family. ¬†All was well with Brides and Grooms from all over coming to see the trio of grand old ladies in the Barn they rented on a Farm near Chessington, Surrey. As time moves on work must be done and full refurbishment of the Delaunay was undertaken transferred her from Burgundy to match the Badsworth in classic Ivory. Now with Bob residing in Portsmouth and the three vintage cars side by side in the farm the couple looked around and from chatting to Brides thought that someone was missing out.

Brides and Dads passing to Brides and Grooms is the norm but times do change. With more Weddings at a single venue the poor old Groom shoehorned in to the Best mans car deserved a little bit better. Dabbling with Ferrari it soon became clear to the two that there was only one man a Groom had in his mind, just as a Bride thought of Cinderella, and his name was Bond….. James Bond. Looking long and hard the perfect Valentines prezzie was found on February 14th with the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage. Great debate continues between the two as to who’s prezzie it actually is but when you have a V12 engine growling and the unforgettable Monty Norman tune ringing in your ears its just not worth the argument, its time to drive.

Whether taking their time chugging along on a vintage or watching the landscape blur past in the Aston Martin, it is not just the Bride and her Groom who need looking after, searching hard they came across some first class friends and the Timeless Elegance of Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Spur and Mercedes S Class joined the petrol heads.

Now with a brand new showroom housing the Vintage cars towering over the Aston Martin it is time to say Hello to you. Come and meet David, Rachel, Jordan and Jordy, Bella and Aston, have a coffee and let us become part of your story. See you soon.

David and Rachel Moore

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